About us

We are two sisters from a small town in Ohio. We love to laugh, be happy, and have fun. We love fashion, shopping, and making other people feel great about themselves. We love helping women look their best and bring out their shine.


Effie’s Boutique celebrated 8 years this past October in 2023. It all started when Ammy asked her sister Tracy if she wanted to open up a boutique. Tracy had some reservations about investing her time into something with her three kids in sports and daily family life. The more serious Ammy was, the more Tracy knew if Ammy was going to do this she would be helping her regardless and so it began. There was a lot of work put into finding vendors and a lot of FUN trips to Markets to learn about the business. We rented a storefront building that our brother owned and got started! All the while, we had tremendous support from our family and parents. There are so many decisions that go into opening a business, but one of the biggest decisions for us was the name. Our parents, Jerry and Delilah Klosterman hired Ethel Brewer when Tracy was 4 years old and Ammy was 6 weeks old. Ethel took care of us Monday thru Friday at our house until our mom walked in the door around 3:15. She became a very special person to all of us. Ethel then started babysitting for Tracy’s kids and then Ammy’s kids. She was the person you talked to everyday after school then after work as we were older. She always went to church during the week and on Sundays and when Ethel dressed up she dressed up!!! She had beautiful jewelry, shoes, and purses!! So we would see the “babysitter” Ethel then occasionally we would see the “dressed up” Ethel… She was a beautiful lady inside and out. Who better to name our boutique after than this wonderful lady who enjoyed all the things we wanted to sell!! Yes, her name was Ethel BUT our kids named her Effie :-) So with the awesome support of our parents and family we have been able to continue this “Fun Job” we have!